“I’m fourfive seconds from wildin'”

Recently discovered this song by Rihanna and Kanye…with my man Paul McCartney on guitar! I enjoy it very much, and some of the lyrics kind of represent how I feel about life the last month or so.

“‘Cause all of my kindness
Is taken for weakness.”


“I’m FourFiveSeconds from wildin'”


“Then I heard you was talkin’ trash
Hold me back, I’m ’bout to spaz”


Bitches don’t appreciate!!!!!

But, vacation is right around the corner and that’ll make things good for a while. And then I’ll have a few more vacations coming up, thanks to weddings galore. BOOM. Right now I need it to be the weekend so I can loosen this anxiety/stress in my chest. I might need to go for a run tonight – that will help for sure. I was never a believer in the “working out helps blow off steam” concept until last year. Now it’s one of the only ways I can quickly calm down – unless someone wants to bum me a smoke, of course. But since that’s a no-no in my house, running it is, I guess. 😉

But yes, vacation! We leave Tuesday for a week and are journeying for the first time ever to Europe. This is probably one of the sources of my anxiety – the 8+ hour flight. I even researched the odds of dying in a plane crash. Luckily, they are very slim (as if I didn’t already know that). I’m not sure why the extra hours of the flight are making me more anxious then usual, but they sure are. It’s ok, I’ll be fine. I’m ever going to knock myself out with whiskey or Benadryl once on board, so it should be smooth sailing. So to speak.

I was going to update on all kinds of other, non-negative, stuff – but gotta get back at it.



Life update

I have made a few changes recently! First off, I gave up on the baking soda shampoo and apple cider vinegar routine. The biggest reason was I dyed my hair with henna, which worked great, but the color kept bleeding every time I washed it. I did some research and was told that with henna you need to use a bottled shampoo if the color keeps bleeding. I have now been using Morrocco Method shampoo for the last month and a half or so. It’s completely natural, no chemicals and it’s also cruelty free. It’s mud based so you have to mix it with water in order to spread it through your hair more easily. There is a transition period with this shampoo, much like what I went through with the BS/ACV method. I’m not sure why it’s taking so long since I was already shampoo free for about two months before making this change. I’m sticking with it but it’s been frustrating! A lot of ponytails and head scarfs once again. My co-workers probably think I never shower. Anyway, I washed it last night and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I might be at the end of the transition.

Before last night’s wash my hair would be extremely waxy at the back of my head and have an overall oily appearance, even if I had just washed it that day. Today it looks and feels clean on the surface, although I think I’m going to have to increase the amount I use. I have very thick hair and the bottom layer feels a little oily and slightly waxy still. The next time I wash I’m going to do the same routine and then flip my hair over so I can get at the layer under the surface. Hopefully this will do the trick.

I’ve also gone back to my prescription face wash. I had a terrible breakout after several weeks using the honey and just couldn’t deal with it anymore. I think maybe it had started to clog up my pores, and if I had been using something else (like baking soda or brown sugar) on a consistent basis, along with the honey, I may have avoided this. I’ll probably be too scared to try again, because while I can deal with dirty looking hair, I really can’t deal with an acne-covered face. It makes me cringe just to think about it! Once I have the hair situation under control I may seek out a more natural, ready to go product for my face. I’ve had one recommended to me that I forget the name of, but it’s a little pricey so I’ll save some funds and probably try that at some point.

Last but not least, I am about a week and a half into my second ever attempt at vegetarianism. I don’t call myself a vegetarian yet because who knows if this will last, but I’m really committed this time. In fact, at lunch today I passed up pot roast, which was hard for me – I love pot roast! And I had to pass on the green beans too because they had bacon in them. That was a bummer. Anyway, the first time I tried this I only made it 4 days. 🙂 So things are looking good. The reason is the treatment of animals in mass slaughter houses, not to mention all the antibiotics that are pumped into them. My husband asked me yesterday if I would eat meat from locally and humanely raised farms, which I have thought about myself. I think the answer is no, because it would probably make it that much harder to eat it once every few months and then switch back. And after so much time not eating it I don’t even know if it would look appetizing. I guess we’ll see.

I’m also thinking about taking some classes from MSU. I get a tuition discount as an employee, so I’m thinking about maybe a class or two next fall. I’d like to get involved in wildlife conservation. I’m also thinking maybe I should just start volunteering at conservations and sanctuary’s and substitute real life experience for the classes. But if I can take some classes at little to no cost there’s really no reason not to. I’ve come across a few volunteer programs in Thailand and Africa which sound amazing, but of course those would be years down the road before I’m able to do that. Money to get there first of all, but also most of these programs are a minimum of two weeks, so there’s time off of work to consider too. You know, from my real job. In the meantime there are places in Michigan I can help out at on the weekends. There’s also an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee that has volunteer days once in a while, so that could be something to look into. My biggest interests are marine animals and elephants. So we’ll see where this takes me 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the week – and the rest of the year. Since my blog updates have been so sporadic, I’m sure I won’t check in again until the New Year!

Week 4

It’s been 4 weeks since I gave up shampoo – and I must say, I’m impressed that I haven’t given in to the shampoo bottle sitting in the shower. A couple times I almost ruined everything and accidentally reached for it, but I remembered before it was too late. I should probably get rid of those.

I think it’s starting to get better. I’m only using an alternate method twice a week, and I’m now adding more and more days in between washings. Right now I’m averaging 4 days in between, although right now I’m on day 5. Woop woop! Sunday night I did a water only wash, which definitely helped. I scrubbed the shit out of it in the shower, and last night did a lighter water rinse too. My goal is to get to one wash a week, without looking gross. The info I have says on average this takes around 6 weeks, so if I only have two more weeks to go to achieve this I’d be very happy.

The one thing I would recommend if you’re going to try this – headbands! Headbands or head scarfs are a definite must, otherwise you will look absolutely disgusting for the first few weeks. For instance, today I’m rocking a head band. Since I did the water wash I could probably get away with not wearing it, but it feels a bit waxy, and without the headband I would keep touching it so this helps a lot.

I’ve also been doing natural face washes the past 3 weeks. I’m seeing mixed results so far. The first week it totally cleared up a bad breakout on my forehead, but it’s kind of going in waves. It’ll get cleared up and then I’ll have several popping up again. I’m currently using raw honey and once or twice a week doing a brown sugar scrub. I’m also trying to do a baking soda paste once a week. My theory is the breakouts are happening when I’ve been less then diligent about remembering to do the extra scrub and baking soda treatments. And some of the problems have been happening near my hairline. I think this is because I was trying to avoid getting honey in my hair, so I’m sure I missed these areas. So, this week I’m going to try and remember to do all those things, and see what happens.

In other news….we went to Sleeping Bear Dunes this past Friday with our dog. It was a much needed quick getaway! Probably took us 3 1/2 hours to drive up but the views were well worth it. It was such a nice day with great fall weather. We traveled down M-22 a bit and stopped in Arcadia, to a little scenic overlook spot. After that we headed to Big Rapids to Germanfest – German beers, good friends, good times. We stayed overnight and on the way back drove Terrell’s alma mater of Ferris State, and then hit mine at Central Michigan on the way home. So many things have changed but in other ways it feels like you never left.

I was hoping to add some photos from the trip but my phone is being annoying, so those will have to come later!

For now, enjoy your Tuesday.


Day 6 without shampoo

Ok, so I have been without traditional shampoo and conditioner since last Saturday! So far, so good.

I did a second applesauce wash on Wednesday night, but the waxiness was just a bit gross so I decided to try something else last night. I think maybe it’s the city water I’m using that makes this method not so great for me, but I could be wrong. Perhaps it’s supposed to be more of a “once in a while” type of wash, rather then primary one.

I did a little shopping on my lunch yesterday and got some new goodies, including a spray bottle and a boar bristle hair brush.

Last night’s concoction was a little bit of baking soda mixed with a cup of water. As my handy guidebook suggested, I boiled the water prior to mixing – hoping to counteract the hardness of the water. I really have no idea if we have hard water, I’m just assuming that’s the case. One of these days I’m going to try and find a test or something so I know for sure. I then poured my mix into the spray bottle. This worked great for getting it right onto my scalp, and also for the back of my long hair. Once I felt like I had done a pretty good job with the spray, I poured the rest of it on my head. Lots of scrubbing later, I rinsed and moved on to my conditioner.

Last night’s conditioner was apple cider vinegar mixed with cold water. I put this in a tuberware bowl and then briefly wound the back of my hair up and stuck it in the bowl. The recipe suggests pouring it over the hair, but I figured I’d try this first to make sure it saturated it well. After doing that for a few seconds, I poured the remainder over my hair and left it in for 2 minutes. A very thorough rinse (didn’t want that smelly vinegar lingering) and I was done.

I let it air dry for a bit, then braided it and went to bed. I must say – I love this so far. And it’s only the first try, so it might get worse from here, but so far – great results! It looks and feels as clean as I would normally get from regular shampoo. Also, a pleasant surprise – I have very few fly aways today! I normally have a ton of those little buggers, so I hope this continues. There’s none of the waxy feeling that I had from the applesauce, either.

I’ll report back to how long it lasts before the oily stuff starts creeping back in. But I’m excited about last night’s results! At the store yesterday, I also bought some coconut oil which I might start using as a facial moisturizer. I use pretty minimal lotion/moisturizer on my face right now, so this should be an easy transition for me. At some point I’d like to experiment with natural face washes, but I’m nervous about it because I have been having some acne issues in the past year. Perhaps going natural is just what I need! We’ll see, I’m not brave enough to try just yet.

Onto other topics! We are having a cookout get-together at the house tomorrow afternoon, in celebration of my hubs b-day, which was yesterday. The big ole 3-1. Should be a good time, we bought a bunch of meat to grill and I’m going to make what I hope will be a tasty adult lemonade. This will be the first time I’ve had an excuse to use my 3 gallon drink dispenser! I found the recipe online, which calls for pink lemonade, beer, and vodka. Stay tuned for results 🙂 If I’m flat on my face in the back yard with a great dane walking on my head, you’ll know how it went.

The day after – applesauce method Day 1

Well, I’ve had better hair days, I’ll say that. But by far, not the worst I’ve had. It’s hard to describe how it looks. Not oily exactly, but not super clean either. I’ll try this method again the next time and see how it goes. It could just be that my hair is like “wtf are you doing? where is my suave?” Yes, that’s right. I use Suave. I told you I don’t spend much on my hair care products. So, this could just be an adjustment period.

There is a little flakiness, but again I’m unsure if this is dandruff or the product of what I put in my hair that I didn’t fully rinse/brush out. There’s not much though, I can just sweep it away and then it looks fine. I’m just wearing a ponytail today anyway, which is my norm for work days. Also this keeps me from touching my scalp constantly, which helps keep extra oil from forming (I presume).

The back feels pleasantly soft, like I used a very nice conditioner.

In summary – it doesn’t feel like yesterday’s hair, but it does kind of look like it. Maybe it looks like “almost” yesterday’s hair haha. Like if I washed it 36 hours ago instead of 48. 🙂 I may also have needed to use more of the concoction then I did, since my hair is pretty long. I may try that the next time. Also I didn’t do a “wash, rinse, repeat” like I would with shampoo. Perhaps I should try that as well? So many things to consider.

Please, any tips or comments are welcome! Or if you have a method you use that works for you please share. I’m especially interested in alternatives for dark hair that won’t lighten it. I have long hair and use city water.

This made me laugh:


Going shampoo free

Tonight marks my first attempt at an alternative to shampoo. I am intrigued with the idea, but not 100% committed to the “going cold turkey” method. I guess we’ll see how the first few days go before I make that decision. I do have a full-time job where the appearance of cleanliness is important, after all. And hopefully the scent of cleanliness. I must say, that is my biggest fear with this experiment – stinky hair.

My motivation for attempting this isn’t monetary. I don’t buy the expensive shampoos, so I won’t save much – if at all. I’m just trying to eliminate any extra chemicals I can from being dumped onto my body on a daily basis. Plus my hair is very oily and can’t go more then every other day without a wash. And even then you can tell I’m rocking yesterday’s hair. It’s gross, so hopefully this will help. And to be truthful, I hear your hair can look amazing once ‘poo free is achieved, and I’m hoping the same will be true for me!

I have been reading, “Happy Hair – the definitive guide to giving up shampoo,” by Lucy AitkenRead. The first shampoo alternative I decided to try was applesauce, mostly because it seemed the easiest. There are a few other options i would have tried first, but it’s possible they can lighten your hair. And as a girl who loves her dark brown locks, I don’t care for that possibility.

First impressions with the applesauce method, which is supposed to serve as both shampoo and conditioner: I’m unsure. I’m air drying tonight so i will have a better picture of how well it worked in the morning. It does seem to work excellently as a conditioner, though. Normally if I were to skip a traditional conditioner my hair would be impossible to brush through after my shower. Not so tonight! I had no problems brushing through it, so that aspect seems to work great.

While my hair is still wet, it feels cleaner then before my shower. A little flaky, but that could be apple residue? Which sounds disgusting, but the book assures me if this is the case it should brush out when dry. So time will tell! I’m kind of wondering if i shouldn’t have tried this for the first time on the weekend, when I could have rewashed or you know, worn a hat on my apple encrusted head if need be. But thems the risks you take!

I shall report back with my findings tomorrow.

Is this what a mid-life crisis feels like?

I hope not, seeing as I’m only 31 – it would be uber depressing to have my “mid-life” crisis hit so soon. I’ve been feeling very restless lately, with work and life in general. Probably I just need a vacation though, I haven’t had an extended period of time off from work since March. I’ve had a couple of long weekends, but definitely something more extended is needed. Unfortunately, I don’t have that coming until November. Oh, woe is me, right? I need to not complain considering the vacation time I get at this job is way better then anything I’ve ever had before. When I feel like this I should only need to remember my life 3 years ago working 3rd shift 7-10 days in a row, and very rarely having any time off! I’ll think of that the next time I want to bitch about “an extended amount of time off.” Besides, I’ve got a couple long weekends coming up in the next month, so something to look forward to.

I can’t wait for our short anniversary trip in mid-September. We’re just doing a road trip to the west side of Michigan. Possibly a day trip or one overnight. We’re going to load the pup in the car and head up to Sleeping Bear Dunes and then drive along M-22 to Manistee. Pure Michigan informs me that this is a very scenic drive 🙂 so that will be nice. Hopefully the leaves will have started to change color a little bit, but if not it will still be pretty.

Yesterday we were on a short drive through the country with the dog in the back seat, a good song on the radio, and great weather with a nice breeze. It was pure happiness! I hope we have good weather for the road trip, it makes me feel happy and relaxed just thinking about it.

“Focus on the journey not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” – Greg Anderson. Indeed.

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